Sunday, November 20, 2011

When Pain Screams Your Name

When pain screams your name, don’t give in. As you spiral down, don’t allow yourself to fall to the bottom where it is deep with emptiness. Don’t denounce but instead, cry out in your loudest voice to God. Call on the “one” true God for all other gods are only self filling for the short moment. Alcohol will numb the pain; food will give gratification; drugs as good as they make us feel; are all short lived with no depth, but God is every lasting, and he is here to see us through if we are willing.  Lord Jesus, help push through the pain. Help not to listen to Satan’s lies. Help with faith to endure. Help as the bible declares you will to those who ask. Hear my loud cries with doubt filled words. Wash away my ugliness so that I can see your glory. Help to grab the wall of truth as I thrust down into despair. Help to cushion my fall. Grab me from the clutches of pain’s despair.              
Help with becoming the person you see in me. Help with being a testimony to your glory so that others to will put their trust in you. Lead through my thoughts. Show the way to overcome. Help not to be afraid, and help with understanding myself, but more importantly, help with understanding others.
Help not to judge when it comes so easy and seems so right. Help to stay away from damming others and help keeping me focused on your love for them. Allow me to know your grace and in doing so, allow me to give your grace to others.
Help to become the person you’d have me be not the person screaming inside of me. I turn to you Lord for your grace has stood the test of time by those that have lived before me. I claim your promises, and I live by them even when my body screams otherwise. I love you, and I give you all the praise.
Luke 18:27            All things are possible – I believe!
Prov 20:24            I’ll direct your steps – I believe!
Phil 4:19               I’ll supply all your need – I believe!
2 Tim 1:7               I’ve not given you a spirit of fear - I believe!
1 Pet 5:7                Cast all your care one me – I am and I will!
1 Cor 1:30             I give you wisdom – I believe
Heb 13:5                I’ll never leave you are forsake you – I believe!

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